Congratulations! Such a special time in your life, so exciting!

Whether you are 18 or 80 it is your day, I can assist you in preparing a unique ceremony to reflect your personalities and the love you have for each other. You will have as much input into this as you desire. I will walk you through the legal process and can also provide you with suggestions (if required) on readings, vows, music, rituals, themes & sample ceremonies.

scottish weddingsI can also offer a completely Scottish wedding or you may prefer just a wee bit!

I can provide a PA system so that all attending can hear every word.

A rehearsal is a must and I also guarantee as an Authorised Celebrant your marriage will be solemnised according to Australian Law. All of your paper work will be registered with Births Deaths & Marriages in your State or Territory.

There are many couples who are having their main celebration in their native country but want to complete the legal side of their marriage in Australia before they go. This could require something very simple held in your home or mine. I would be happy to discuss this with you, however you still have to lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage one month before.

Of course any further information you require could be discussed at our first meeting.

LEGAL REQUIREMENTSScottish wedding bowl

What are the legal requirements for a couple to marry in Australia?

A NOIM (Notice of intended Marriage must be lodged with me 1 month prior to the wedding ceremony.

You must provide proof of identification such as a passport or both a birth certificate & Driver’s licence.

If either of you have been married before you will need to produce your Divorce papers and or Death Certificate.


This is a wonderful way to celebrate any milestone anniversary. Whether it is your 10th or 60th a special ceremony can be created for you. However a renewal of vows can happen at any stage of your marriage.


Whilst (at present) Australian Law does not recognise same sex marriages, you may still wish to make a commitment to each other.

This can be simple private ceremony or a full on celebration and whilst this is not legal or binding it is a way to show your commitment to one another.

It can still take the same form as a wedding, exchanging vows and rings having a ritual & readings and of course music.


What a difficult time it is when you lose a loved one. There is so much to do and think about. I however, can guide you with preparing the Ceremony to celebrate the life of your special person. Should you need advise on the choices you have, I can offer help in this area too.

Many people are pre planning their funerals and perhaps that is something I can help you to do. What music you would most like, perhaps a reading or two or you may even what to have a prayer. This ceremony should reflect your personality and all of those things that made you the person you are.

baby naming day


Many people these days are looking for an alternative to a Christening or Baptism, a non religious ceremony to welcome and name their little one. Of course a child can have a naming day at any age. The ceremony could be to celebrate an adoption or perhaps the changing of their surname. There is always a reason to celebrate!

I can assist you with creating a special ceremony to commemorate this special day.